Kim Kardashian West Presents: Kimoji

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Kim Kardashian West - Kimoji

Kim Kardashian West – Kimoji

O.M.F.G., Kim Kardashian West has broken the internet again. And this time it wasn’t bare photos of her rear end( well sort of).

She has officially released her very own set of emoji’s, cleverly called, “Kimoji”.

The announcement came from Kim’s Instagram page Sunday night letting all her fans know the app would be available for download the very next day eliminating any extended wait time. At one point during the Kimoji release yesterday, iTunes actually crashed from the overwhelming response of everyone trying to download the app. This being directly caused by having 9,000 downloads per millisecond.

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2020: Year of Yeezy

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2020: Year of Yeezy

2020: Year of Yeezy

At this years VMA’s show Kanye West announced he will be running for presidency in 2020. I mean, seriously if we’re allowing Donald Trump to run what’s the worst that can happen with Kanye???

Ever since his long winded acceptance speech and announcement to run, I have come across very extreme and harsh reactions from 100% positive to just down right rude people that simple just aren’t going to have it.

Let’s break down the most positive point in my eyes verses negative point about Kanye taking over office in 2020.

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Fab And Fly: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Maternity Style At The Temptation Premier In Atlanta

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Kim K 2

Kim Kardashian will not let you kill her fashion vibe, preggers or not!

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Fab And Fly Approved: Rashidah Ali And Her Shoe Expertise Make An Encore!

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Don’t call it a come back, call it an Encore! Rashidah Ali goes from facing possible jail time to launching her new shoe line!

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Fab And Fly Approved: Kim Kardashian As A Mermaid And Kanye As Her First Mate

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What could be more disastrous than Hurricane Sandy, a Kardashian attempting to be inspired by Disney classics?

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Fab And Fly Or Fail? Hype Williams Attempts To Bring Out Diana Ross Via Kim Kardashian.

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The movie “Belly” was an inspiration for me to move to New York.

Hype Williams transformed some of hip hops greatest into movie stars; he also directed every great hip hop video to come across BET’s airwaves for years. Now, he’s shooting Kim Kardashian as Diana Ross, for what I have no clue but I only hope Hype comes to his senses and revives urban music videos, not waste time shooting Kardashians.

Here’s what the businesswoman had to say about her latest shoot:

Clyde Haygood and Joyce Bonelli glammed me up and we went for a fun, crazy look, channeling Diana Ross. Definitely a new look for me. Xo”

 I know, I know 2 Kim K. postings in one day, I promise it will never happen again.


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Behind The Fab And Fly: Monica Rose The Secret To The Kardashian Style

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In our current celebrity obsessed culture, it doesn’t cross the mind of most fans that the style they obsess over is actually created by someone else, not their favorite star. One case in particular is the Kardashians whose style eclipses their personalities and rightfully so, the mastermind behind the family keeps so many on their toes is actually not a Kardashian at all. Continue Reading »

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