Fab and Fly Technology: The Top 5 Apps for Productivity

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In a world where distractions seem to lurk in every corner, particularly with the lure of the internet, it can be hard to keep our eye on the ball at times. One of the biggest distractions in said digital age is of course our mobile phones, which can become a hindrance to everything which requires concentration, from driving to even simple conversation.

But this is 2015, and more and more we’re seeing apps designed to help us out in all aspects of life. Contrary to popular belief, there are even apps out there which can help us to boost our productivity – here are some of our best picks.


Designed for iOS, the Evernote app stands head and shoulders above the rest as one of the best organisational apps out there. Users can create a plethora of files from documents to photos and audio clips which are subsequently stored on the cloud, helping you to access them from whichever device you choose. The app has a fantastic search function, helping you to tag your tasks and arrange your day more efficiently.


Sometimes we all need to let off a little steam, and there are a number of ways we can do that, without risking our productivity. Games at Casino Saga Fans can offer a great diversion from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, while studies have also shown that these types of games can help to boost our memory and aid our concentration. But how can we find games like this? IGN gives Continue Reading »


Artist Spotlight: 2TALLIN’ Cali’s Musical Mastermind

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2Tallin Main Photo 2Stallin Logo 2Tallin Photo2Tallin Photo 22Stallin

New Music- Don’t Wanna Come DOWN

The moniker 2TALLIN’ was created by Travis Huff (6’8), a singer, songwriter and producer, after discovering his passion for producing and performing music that was different.  2TALLIN’ wants to take it back to my old school roots  but with futuristic new school vibes.  The end result is music that pushes all  genres of pop, hip-hop/rap, rock.  Why 2TALLIN’? The name was developed from his unmistakable height. He’s usually gets mistaken for an NBA player but little do they know, he’s on his way to becoming the next big party music go to guy.

Last year 2TALLIN’ released the impressive Future Vs. Retro mixtape which really started to make a name for the rising star.  Tracks off that record such as the sweet ‘All I Ask’ (featuring Danielle Rondero) and the futuristic EDM party rock of ‘California Girls’ show that 2TALLIN’ can reach out into the different genres of music and create hits on both sides of the spectrum.

2TALLIN’ has an on-going goal is to take money profited from our music and give it directly back to empower future generations of musicians with instruments, recording time, songwriting, and promoting their music.

2TALLIN’ has been licensed into ABC Television, QuickSilver, Akami, and Billabong.





Gilt Group- Designer Finds Up to 60% OFF

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I LOVE Gilt Group!! Here’s a gift from me to you. I live by designer discounted sites. Gilt Group is one of my favorite online stores. I’ve shopped at Gilt for about 5yrs now and I use to be very particular about who I shares my bargain sites with. But I realized, it’s no fun unless you share 😉

So, I figured, it’s Spring time and this is the time that everything is on sale! Semi Annual sales is the best time to shop when shopping at most retailers but Gilt Group always has ridiculous sales on EVERYTHING. Not just once a year. Nothing is full price.

You will find fab designers at half off.. most of the time more than half. Designers you probably wouldn’t normally shop becauase they’re so expensive, but now you can! You can thank me later!

I’ll be sharing some of my other shopping secrets over the next few weeks so be sure to check back!

Please leave a comment and let me know about your fabulous finds!! Happy Shopping


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meet Future’s Super Dope Stylist, Tyrina Lee

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IMG_3572Tyrina Lee in Givenchy


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of chatting with the fabulous, Tyrina Lee. If you don’t know who she is, she’s rapper, Nayvadius D. Wilburn, better known as Future Hendrix, exclusive wardrobe  stylist, personal shopper and friend. But there is so much more to Ms. Lee than just being the stylist to one of the hottest rappers out .

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tyrina after going through her Intragram. Or shall I say, “insta-stalking” lol. So, after sending her a request (yes, sorry, her Instagram is private, for obvious reasons) she kindly accepted and I immediately went through her photos. After seeing a few, I really wanted to know more about Tyrina. She was pretty, had a nice slim yet curvaceous body and had a head full of beautiful hair that touched the middle of her back and if that wasn’t enough, her style was the epitome of fab and fly! All I wanted was to interview her to find out exactly who she was and about her personal style. Even though she is probably known for being Future’s personal shopper and stylist, I knew there was so much more to her!

I had only planned on the conversation being about an hour but after the first 15 mins., I felt like we were home girls. She’s extremely well spoken and is very easy to talk to. She isn’t the type of girls that likes to keep her beauty secrets to herself either, she gladly shared how she keeps her body super fit and her hair long and healthy!

I asked Tyrina to give me a few facts about her that probably wouldn’t appear in the media

She is born and raised in Harlem, NY and she’s 27 and she graduated from Georgia State with a double major. Majored in Biology and minored in Sociology. She’s also  in medial school at Emory University!

I asked how did she get into styling.  Continue Reading »


Nicki Minaj Rocks Tom Ford Lace &Feather Over The Knee Boots in “Pills N Potions”

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Nicki Minaj Tom Ford Boots in Pills N Potions

GIF: Young Money Records/Caitlin Morton

Tom Ford Ultra Rare Lace Feather Over The Knee Bootstom ford


Here it is, Pills N Potions. I just watched the video for Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions” and noticed she was wearing a pair of  Tom Ford Ultra  Feather Over The Knee Boots. She rocked them perfectly! Those boots are such a statement piece, you have to be simple in your attire. These boots retail for about $8,000 and are extremely rate but I found them here for less than half of the cost.

Ms. Minaj never disappoints. This subtle looks she’s going for is absolutely working for her. I loved the crazy Nicki but this new mature Nicki is even better. She effortlessly wears thesee fab and fly high end designers without the piece wearing her. She definitely knows what works and what doesn’t These Tom Ford boots are super fly but Onika Minaj is even Flyer! #FabandFlyApproved #PillsNPotions

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