Fab and Fly Approved: Samsung S2

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Samsung S2

Samsung S2

It’s looks like Apple isn’t the only one with super cool watches on the market. Samsung has recently released the S2 watch. In my personal opinion the watch is actually a lot more stylish than the Apple Watch and would even match up nicely with a button up and slacks. The round face gives a much sleeker look to its competitors.

The watch offers options of different customizable face options to suite many occasions. The face options allow you set certain apps as the main face. Such as, setting the ESPN app as the main face will keep updated scores of your favorite teams highlighted or the Nike app will display your fitness tracker.  So, you can be in the loop at all times without having to log into anything for a current update on whatever your interest are.

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GoldenBoy Promotions: The Truth Hurts

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This past week I had the pleasure of taking a small getaway to the peaceful Indio, California to attend a boxing match thrown by GoldenBoy Promotions to support my favorite boxer in the sport, KeAndre “The Truth” Gibson.

The fight was held at the Fanatasy Springs Resort Casino in the special events center where Gibson preformed on the first bout of the Joseph Diaz & Frankie Gomez undercard against Thomas Howard.

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Justice or else! : The Million Man March

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Million Man March: Justice or else

Million Man March: Justice or else

Yesterday marked a very monumental day in history for people of color. Twenty years ago the million man march took place in Washington D.C. led by Louis Farrakhan in hopes of painting a different picture to the world of the black man. It also aimed to unite in self-help and self-defense against economic and social ills plaguing the African American community.

Similar to twenty years ago tens and thousands gathered yesterday to participate in the Million Man March, but this time with the additional slogan of “Justice or else”; which comes in light mostly from the wide variety of injustices that has been happening to the African American people ever since we were brought over to America against or will as slaves, but more specifically to the more recent injustices that left many of our African American men and woman fearing for their lives and/ or dead.

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SOLD - Same Ole Line Dudes

SOLD – Same Ole Line Dudes

The conveniences of the 21st century has left us with wanting everything and not waiting for anything anymore. I can send important documents via electronic mail instantly. I can completely skip waiting at the DMV for hours and simply text and number that will not only place me in line but will also send me updates so I be at the DMV when it’s my turn to be served. And I can order pizza with a simple emoji (thank you Dominos Pizza).

But now things have been taken to a another level. You know every year on Black Friday where we all scarf down our Thanksgiving dinner to make it to the midnight opening of our favorite stores to wait for hours to beat the rest of the United States on the deals we’ve had our eyes all year? Well, that has all changed thanks to Robert Samuel who is the founder and  CEO  of “Same Ole Line Dudes” also known as “SOLD”.

“New York’s ONLY professional line sitting team!”

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Feel Good Music: Alina Baraz

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Alina Baraz

Alina Baraz

I’ve recently went on a quick trip and visited musical heaven thanks to Dre Beats partnering with Apple Music and making my musical experience ten times better being able to discover new artist. During one of my many musical shuffles a song that I immediately fell in love with the beat, started playing and I had to save it to my playlist. After listening to a track titled “Maybe” by Alina Baraz a few times to gather the lyrics, and enjoy the blissful state I was now in, I wanted to see what more this artist had to offer.  Luckily for me i haven’t been missing out for long since her official release was only back in May. Unlucky for me, she didn’t have much music for me to dive into.

Alina Baraz has a smooth raspy voice that gives life to her picturesque lyrics. I literally have no idea who she is and where she came from but I am super happy for her arrival. I visited her website AlinaBaraz.Com which has a nice layout but no real information on her and I’m dying to find out more about Alina Baraz on and off the mic.

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Money Crush Monday

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Floyd "Money" Mayweather -Undefeated WBC Welterweight Champion

Floyd “Money” Mayweather -Undefeated WBC Welterweight Champion

Now that Floyd “Money” Mayweather has achieved an undefeated record of 49-0 that also includes 26 knockouts he says that he will retire. He had previously mentioned the retirement a year ago and main reason the  retirement was in hold up was due to his six fight contract with ShowTime that he wanted to fulfill.

Officially, the time has come,  after his win over Andre Berto, Mayweather stated he would not be returning to the ring for a 50th fight to continue defending his WBC welterweight championship belt. And he insisted that “you got to know when to hang it up”.

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Creeper Life

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Puma Creeper

Puma Creeper

Oh Rih Rih, that woman just keeps on giving it to us! If it’s not in her daily fashion photos, it’s in her music, it’s on the big screen, or in her clothing line. But recently the fab pop star has finally produced some magic since Puma announced her Creative Director. Rihanna has launched her new campaign for the shoes “Creeper” that will be apart of the “Fenty by Rihanna” collection fearuring Travis Scott Sept. 25th. Continue Reading »

Fab and Fly Approved: The Strap Skirt

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Karrueche Tran - Strap Skirt

Karrueche Tran – Strap Skirt

As we all know this week is New York Fashion Week and this is the time of year all the hottest and newest designers showcase their upcoming seasons collections with runway shows all over town. Not only focusing on the fashion but on the front row celeb seating. Every model in the industry is trying to get booked for the most talked about shows but the true fashion debuts are off the runway.

Every celebrity that shows up that this week long event I’m sure puts the heavy duty pressure on their stylist to lace them with the hottest, most unique, and newest outfits.

Karrueche Tran has made a subtle fashion hit with the best of them. Styled by upcoming celebrity stylist Bryon Javar. Karrueche and Bryon have been working together for quite some time and he always always always has her looking so cute and perfect for her personality and body. Not mention he knows how to dress her spot on for the event she is attending. Her latest outfit from the Empire Saks Fifth Avenue event had my eyes glued to her belted pencil skirt. And I have to have it!

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FLYBi: The Game Changer

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Fli Bi


Acrophobia effects a lot of peoples lives causing a serious huge fear of heights. They don’t ever fly, they really even climb anything that will give them a great view and getting a roller-coaster is completely out of question. Personally, I’m not afraid of heights by any means because I love the view from high above and I love me a good roller coaster; except Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California. Dropping out of the air for five whole seconds is a little too long to be “falling out of the sky”. I rode it once just to say I did it, got my little souvenir photo and  never looked back.

Fortunately for those that are afraid of a little elevation, meet FLYBi .

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2020: Year of Yeezy

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2020: Year of Yeezy

2020: Year of Yeezy

At this years VMA’s show Kanye West announced he will be running for presidency in 2020. I mean, seriously if we’re allowing Donald Trump to run what’s the worst that can happen with Kanye???

Ever since his long winded acceptance speech and announcement to run, I have come across very extreme and harsh reactions from 100% positive to just down right rude people that simple just aren’t going to have it.

Let’s break down the most positive point in my eyes verses negative point about Kanye taking over office in 2020.

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