Barbie: One Size Fits All

Posted by Roni at 11:01 am

Barbie has been around for 57 years and we have all known Barbie to look one way and one way only; Perfect boobs, super slim waist, long legs leading to elegantly pointed feet for her heels and a perfect face.

Well, as times have changed and the need for all young girls to accept and love their bodies as is no matter if they aren’t the typical “Barbie” shape has les to Mattel to offer something that can appeal to everyone.

Yesterday the Barbie makers have released three new shapes in addition to the original to show that everyone can indeed be Barbie like. You pick up your just for me Barbie in a curvy shape, tall, or Petite.

Not only is your shape of choice being made available you can also choose which skin tone and hair color fits you best. And these new Barbies also come in a flat foot option so for young girls like myself that aren’t into a lifetime of only heels can play dress up in clothing that actually fits their personal style.

“Barbie was never meant to replicate the femal body.” Michelle Chidoni (head of communications)

Weird. But obviously we can all agree with the statement since the average woman isn’t nearly shaped anything like Barbie.

These new body options will do wonders for young girls self esteem and body image issues all over the world who are constantly watching their favorite celebrities and models post photos in waist trainers and idolized for their photoshopped magagazine covers. We have to understand young girls are very impressionable and showing images of bodies they will most likely never look like without plastic surgery seems to be a bit torturous.

I do applaud Mattel for finally taking the a positive step forward to show every body shape is acceptable and beautiful. Now one Barbie does fit all sizes and even a curvy, tall, or petite girl can now consider herself Barbe like.

Check out the new Barbies below.


Ralph & Russo: Eden Heel

Posted by Roni at 1:00 pm

Love at first sight? Maybe. I saw this shoe and it looked so beautiful I couldn’t imagine a perfect outfit that would do it justice. The “Eden Heel” by Ralph & Russo is nothing less than taking a perfect definition of a word and putting it into a elegantly designed heel.

The “Eden Heel” is apart of Ralph & Russo’s Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection. Now, I may be a little late on my discovery but I say better late than never especially when you come across a gem like this. Personally, I don’t often jump into the first pair of heels I see nor do I have a large collection simply because I’m usually toting and chasing around my two year old which isn’t usually heel friendly but I do have a good eye when it comes to heesl that makes a silent but bold statement.

The shoe is offered in two very similar designs which I do love because it adjusts to “I like this, but it’s too much of…”. The more subtle design features a satin finish called the “Eden Heel Pump”.

“With ornamental filigree leaves spiraling naturally up the heel, the Eden heel pump harks back to the beauty and perfection of a lost paradise. As if from an enchanted fairy-tale, entangled in the dense foliage of the forest and claimed by a wandering damsel, the Eden Heel Pump is celestial, refined and romantic. Available in satin, suede and patent finishes, the Eden heel pump is easily transformed from day to night.” -Ralph & Russo


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Safety & Style with Fire Design

Posted by Roni at 10:00 am


Fire Design - Decorative Fire Extinguisher

Most of us, including myself, lack most the safety items we need in our home in case of an emergency. Like, a fireproof box with you and your families important documents like, social security and birth certificates etc.; so if there was a major fire atleast you would know all those documents are safe but most importantly actually know where they when there isn’t a fire.

But before this fire breaks all the way out why not do a little first response with your own special designed fire extinguisher. You can order your customized extinguisher from a company in France, simply called Fire Design.

The company offers many pre-designed options in themes of cars and bikes, comics, industrial, open bar, kitchen, globe trotters, rock music, sport, and special luxury line.

Is it necessary to have a fire extinguisher, yes; it is necessary to have a decorative fire extinguisher…um, yes !

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Groceries From Home

Posted by Roni at 11:35 am

Ever went to the kitchen thinking you were about to eat yourself the biggest bowl of cereal only to discover you don’t have enough milk or were completely out? Yea, that’s one of the top five most annoying things that can instantly tick you off.

Samsung recently solved that problem with their new Family Hub Smart Fridge. The first thing you may notice is the 21.5 in touch screen display on the outside of the fridge that allows you to order groceries, pay for them, and have them delivered right from the comfort of your kitchen; Thanks to a app provided by MasterCard, “Groceries by Mastercard”. The inside of your fridge includes cameras that allow the fridge to alert you when you are running low on something like milk. It will also let you know when something has been in the fridge longer than it should have so you can throw it out, saving a lot of germs and bacteria from being consumed.

No matter what level you are at cooking be it novice or a chief or your life style meaning a single bachelor or a family man with kids Samsung Smart Fridge is here to save you when you didn’t even know you needed to be saved.

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Chic on Fleek for Cheap

Posted by Roni at 12:49 pm


I absolutely refuse to buy anything full price. I’ve worked in retail clothing for about seven years watching items come in high priced, stay for a while, then eventually becoming cheaper than you shopping at Walmart.

Seriously, the only times I’ve bought something for full price was a last minute item I needed for an event. Other than that, why bother? Unless, it’s a limited edition item that will be sold out and never coming back again, that is full price worthy.

Naturally a teenage girl well into her young womanhood most of my check went straight to the clothing store I was working for at the time and I could never resist the sales and taking advantage of my employee discount. I knew better than to buy anything full priced because a month later, maybe two, that price was going to be dropped by 50% and I learned how to shop.

You see, working retail has taught me that clothing is never worth its original full price, but then again I’m far from the type that needs the newest trend before and while its “popp’n” because hot trends ALWAYS  circle back around.

Be you.

Be yourself.

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