New Day New Year: 2016

Posted by Roni at 12:44 pm

Happy New Year!

We have finally made it through another year. We have all spent a year of  accomplishing our goals or resolutions set for 2015 and for some of us a year spent not quite achieving our goals at all.

But that is ok because again like we all tell all tell ourselves “this year is my year”.  Even though what you didn’t accomplished last year you may still be on the path to accomplishing them in 2016. And that means you’re at a very good start!

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Artist Spotlight: Meet Coney Island’s Own-TORAE

Posted by Q at 7:31 pm


If you like real Hip Hop, you’ll love Torae. I always find it rewarding to seek out the next hottest artist and give them a platform to showcase their work, their bio and give our readers an opportunity to fall in love with an artist they may not have heard of before. We usually post emerging artists…new artists that need a platform. But Torae is not a new artist. Torae has been rapping for years. He dropped his first album, in 2009 called “Double Barel.” While doing press runs for his album, some really important relationships were formed. One of these important relationships was with DJ Eclipse of SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation. He just so happened to be in need of a new co-host for his show Rap Is Outta Control. Who better to give such an opportunity than a dope realist rapper from the biggest Hip Hop capital of the world?

Torae says he was pretty apprehensive about it because he didn’t want people to get it misconstrued, like, ‘Are you a rapper or are you a radio guy?’,” Torae recalls. “But I try not to block my own blessing. So he gave it  shot! Three weeks in as Eclipse right-hand man, the Double Barrel MC fell in love with radio. Even though Torae was torn with what people would think of him, he realized some of the best rappers had other careers as well! Look at some of the really good actors that were also rappers; 2pac, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and one of the best to do it…Will Smith aka “The Fresh Prince” So thinking of these amazing artists it made Torae feel better about his dual career path.

I personally got acquainted with Torae when I was riding down the street listening to “Hip Hop Nation” on SiriusXM radio. He was interviewing someone and I just really liked his authenticity. Of course SiriusXM radio is uncensored so I felt he was really able to be himself and delve in to the questions and the truth in what not only he wanted to know..but truly what the fans wanted to know. I was like, “Who is this Torae; The TorGuide?” Then me being me. I googled him and continued to listen to him between 5pm-10pm. When I found out he was a rapper, I as intrigued and while listening to a few of his songs, I knew I needed to do a feature on him.

Torae has a new album dropping in exactly 2wks called “Torae Entitled”

You can go to his website and read his full bio and listen to additional songs. Three of his most recent releases from ‘Entitled’ the tracks are ‘Get Down” x Pete Rock and ‘Saturday Night’ and “Let Em’ Know”

Here’s his most recent video from his song ‘Let em’ Know” produced by Jahlil Beats

Please follow him on social media. He’s extremely humble and approachable. So, if you have a question for him, feel free to ask!


Fab and Fly Christmas: Family Edition

Posted by Roni at 10:07 am

Fab and Fly Christmas

Merry Christmas from our Fab and Fly family to yours!

Christmas is my favorite holiday for one reason, and one reason only, family. Regardless if you celebrate the holiday or not I always loved the fact that because of the lack of business’ actually open, it allowed you spend time with your loved ones. Giving you a day or two to travel to see extended family or stay in town to spend more time with the family you live with and don’t live with that you don’t get to spend as much quality time with as often because of you all and living your individual lives.

So in honor of making the most of spending quality time with family and friends here is my Christmas gift to you, a list of fun games to enjoy!

The Sign Game: Typically this is a drinking game but for under-aged participants they can opt out for some Sparkling Cider. Directions: Everyone sits in a circle facing each other and will take going around displaying a “simple” hand jester (i.e. peace sign, thumbs up, pointing finger etc.) Everyone’s sign must be different. You can pick someone randomly to start where they will display their sign followed by someone else’s sign. Whosever’s sign was chosen means it is now their turn to display their sign followed by someone else’s. You must repeat these steps as quickly as possible and each time someone messes up they take a shot, which will obviously make the game more challenging and fun.

Likes and Dislikes: This is great game to get to know your extended family. Directions: Everyone writes down three things they like and three things they dislike. Tear them apart put it in hat or bucket (whatever you want). Take turns pulling out a like or dislike announcing to the players to see who can guess who that like/dislike belongs to.

Here are two classic games that everyone knows.

Charades: This is a game all ages can participate in (including the toddlers and elders).  Directions: Everyone writes difference objects down on a piece of paper (i.e. specific movie title, a type of toy, a song, etc.). Split up in two teams (or more if you need to) one person from each team will take turns acting out the clue they received in hopes of getting their team members to guess the clue before another team does.

Telephone: We all played this game in early grade-school and will always be a favorite ( after all the drunkenness). Directions: Once again sit a circle facing each other. Randomly pick the head of the line. They will whisper a short sentence in the next persons ear. Each person will continue to repeat the phrase as they’ve heard it to the next person until the last person receives it and will then announce it to everyone. You can only repeat the phrase two times max to each person.

I hope you enjoy all these games and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Merry Christmas !



Kim Kardashian West Presents: Kimoji

Posted by Roni at 12:57 pm
Kim Kardashian West - Kimoji

Kim Kardashian West – Kimoji

O.M.F.G., Kim Kardashian West has broken the internet again. And this time it wasn’t bare photos of her rear end( well sort of).

She has officially released her very own set of emoji’s, cleverly called, “Kimoji”.

The announcement came from Kim’s Instagram page Sunday night letting all her fans know the app would be available for download the very next day eliminating any extended wait time. At one point during the Kimoji release yesterday, iTunes actually crashed from the overwhelming response of everyone trying to download the app. This being directly caused by having 9,000 downloads per millisecond.

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Firefox for iOS

Posted by Roni at 1:17 pm
Firefox for iOS

Firefox for iOS

Any iPhone user is very aware of the iOS systems standard browser, Safari.

I never really cared for it on the Apple PC and felt exactly the same way on my fancy little iphone once I switch from #TeamAndroid to #TeamiPhone .

For some people their phones internet browser makes no difference to them either way and for those people that actually use their browser service all day everyday , like myself, you have three top browsers;

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Sci-Fi & Fashion : Star Wars Edition

Posted by Roni at 4:59 pm

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last night was the premier of one of the greatest sci-fi movie series “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. The event was live streamed on the Star Wars website for all the fans that could not make it to the event in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater.

Whatever forces are supposed to be awaken on the movies world wide movie release date this Friday December 18th have awaken the fashion Gods as last nights premier.  Not only was the fashion attire looking good for any red carpet event some celebs came out dressed for the Star Wars theme and rocked it!

These lovely ladies have made to the best dressed list of last nights event.

Karrueche Tran - Star Wars

Karrueche Tran – Star Wars

First off, we have Karrueche Tran channeling a modern day Princess Leia. Styled by Bryon Javar, Karrueche wore a suit by Balenciaga; Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti; Clutch: Torry Burch;  Jewlery: Jared Lehr Jewelry; Flash Tats: K Ink Collection; Hair styled by: Tiger (@tigerbahmb on Instagram).

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A Royal Change

Posted by Roni at 10:00 am
Chris Brown - Royalty

Chris Brown – Royalty

As the Christmas holiday approaches I’m sure one thing that is on many of people’s  wish list even before Christmas has the rightful chance to arrive is Chris Brown’s highly anticipated album “Royalty”. Titled gracefully after his daughter, Chris’ album is sure to top the charts on its December 18 release date.

The album features hit singles such as “Liquor”, “Fine by me”, and “Zero”.

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Coldplay featuring Beyoncé : Hymn For the Weekend

Posted by Q at 9:38 am

Beyonce and Chris Martin

I was browsing one of my favorite sites, SandraRose  and ran across some new hot music. However, it was her actual post that was so interesting, So much that, I thought I would share it with you. Of course any article that mentions Beyoncé and Rihanna in the same sentence, is always a good read:

It reads: “A few years ago, had a story about Beyoncé turning down a collabo with British band Coldplay. Coldplay ended up contacting a more grateful Rihanna instead.

“Well, I did write a song for Beyoncé, but it got rejected by her A&R people. And the one I wrote for Rihanna didn’t get rejected,” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin told Maxim.

What a difference a few years makes.

Now that Beyoncé’s star isn’t shining as brightly she didn’t hesitate to jump on Coldplay’s hot new track. Martin didn’t even have to beg Beyoncé’s people. Continue Reading »

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