Official Paul Walker Tribute Video

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Those eyes, that smile, his heart…,

The Fast and Furious production just released this extremely touching tribute video in Paul Walker’s memory so I had to post it. It’s taken me a week to actually write a post about him because I really knowing what to say. I’m in such shock that not only is he gone but that he died so tragically. No, I didn’t know him personally but I felt like I did. I was a Paul Walker stan (to say the very least)

Ironically, I watched one of his movies just last week and went on and on to my best friend about how Paul just seemed like such a genuinely nice guy. Now, after hearing all the Paul Walker stories and the great deeds he has done I’m glad I was right. Some people just exude a good aura…whether in person or through the TV screen.  Please take a minute to watch the video, if you were a fan, this will make you smile (or cry)

To donate to Paul’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide, please visit www.roww.org


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