Ralph & Russo: Eden Heel

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Love at first sight? Maybe. I saw this shoe and it looked so beautiful I couldn’t imagine a perfect outfit that would do it justice. The “Eden Heel” by Ralph & Russo is nothing less than taking a perfect definition of a word and putting it into a elegantly designed heel.

The “Eden Heel” is apart of Ralph & Russo’s Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection. Now, I may be a little late on my discovery but I say better late than never especially when you come across a gem like this. Personally, I don’t often jump into the first pair of heels I see nor do I have a large collection simply because I’m usually toting and chasing around my two year old which isn’t usually heel friendly but I do have a good eye when it comes to heesl that makes a silent but bold statement.

The shoe is offered in two very similar designs which I do love because it adjusts to “I like this, but it’s too much of…”. The more subtle design features a satin finish called the “Eden Heel Pump”.

“With ornamental filigree leaves spiraling naturally up the heel, the Eden heel pump harks back to the beauty and perfection of a lost paradise. As if from an enchanted fairy-tale, entangled in the dense foliage of the forest and claimed by a wandering damsel, the Eden Heel Pump is celestial, refined and romantic. Available in satin, suede and patent finishes, the Eden heel pump is easily transformed from day to night.” -Ralph & Russo


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Creeper Life

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Puma Creeper

Puma Creeper

Oh Rih Rih, that woman just keeps on giving it to us! If it’s not in her daily fashion photos, it’s in her music, it’s on the big screen, or in her clothing line. But recently the fab pop star has finally produced some magic since Puma announced her Creative Director. Rihanna has launched her new campaign for the shoes “Creeper” that will be apart of the “Fenty by Rihanna” collection fearuring Travis Scott Sept. 25th. Continue Reading »

Adidas “Ocean Shoe”

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Adidas Ocean Shoe

Adidas Ocean Shoe

Who ever said you couldnt be fashionable and save the earth at the same time? No one!

Our good old friends at Adidas have recently showcased a new running shoe prototype that has an upper portion that is completely made out of reclaimed waste and plastic from the oceans bottom. Now, if that isn’t a super cool way to recycle I don’t know what is. This waste consist of yarns and filaments from illegal deep-sea fishing nets. And the sole of the sneaker is made out of sustainable materials.

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Fab And Fly Approved: Sole of Daya

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Sole of Daya

Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya is by far my favorite celeb teen. She’s beautiful, humble, witty, multitalented, and a fashionista idol for woman young and seasoned everywhere. Among her many current endeavors like her upcoming album that is being produced by Timbaland, or her hit show, KC Undercover on the Disney channel, or her book she published in 2013 “Between U and Me” , which is available on Amazon. Zendaya has recently ┬ádecided create her new shoe line to be in stores Spring of 2016.

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Fab and Fly Approved: SB Dunk High Pro “Clouds”

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Nike SB Dunk Clouds

When I used to say “I’m walking on air” I was only referring to my light and airy mood but Nike has decided to take the phrase one step forward and fly with it on it their newly designed SB Dunk High Pro “Clouds”.

Staying true to its name, the shoe design features an all-over sky theme

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