Safety & Style with Fire Design

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Fire Design - Decorative Fire Extinguisher

Most of us, including myself, lack most the safety items we need in our home in case of an emergency. Like, a fireproof box with you and your families important documents like, social security and birth certificates etc.; so if there was a major fire atleast you would know all those documents are safe but most importantly actually know where they when there isn’t a fire.

But before this fire breaks all the way out why not do a little first response with your own special designed fire extinguisher. You can order your customized extinguisher from a company in France, simply called Fire Design.

The company offers many pre-designed options in themes of cars and bikes, comics, industrial, open bar, kitchen, globe trotters, rock music, sport, and special luxury line.

Is it necessary to have a fire extinguisher, yes; it is necessary to have a decorative fire extinguisher…um, yes !

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Greek God Of Sleep Answers Prayers: Hypnos

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Hypnos-sleep hoodie

Have you ever been on your way some where and had to travel on a plane or train? If you have, you know how draining it could be and the wait times are never anything short and sweet but you knew this was the perfect time to get a quick nap in. Unfortunately, those stupid chairs are a far cry from “sleep friendly” and I’ve never managed to get worthy nap in airport terminal.

This is where Hypnos comes in. The perfect mixture of a comfortable hoodie and pillow. That’s right, our favorite hoodie just got so much more heaven like. Co-founder of Hypnos, Josh Woodle,  came up with the idea while on his way to the airport, although he gives initial idea credit to his brother Ryne, Josh wanted to find a way to combine the comfort of his hoodie and a neck pillow while traveling.

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Fab And Fly Approved: Jennifer Lopez Covers W Magazine August 2013

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J Lo Cover


From the Bronx to Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez has always rocked success her way! Now on the cover of W Magazine she gives us her best Elizabeth Taylor.

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Fab And Fly Live: Sharlinda Parker And Sabrina Rowe Talk Mani/Pedi’s, Relationships, And Family

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Sharlinda Parker And Sabrina Rowe


For our first live twitterview, ATFAF picked a dynamic duo straight from the A to get us going!!

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Preparing for Your 1st Red Carpet Event

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Unique fashions that have a tailored look at Frencheye.

Imagine your up-and-coming actress girlfriend tells you that she received tickets to the Hollywood Premiere of True Blood Season 6. Or maybe your dating the next “It” girl. She can sing, dance, and act. Her talent landed her a small role in a broadway play and now you’re both going to the 67th Annual Tony Awards in New York City. Your excited! Then panic sets in. The Tony’s are this Sunday (June 9th) and the True Blood event is Tuesday. You’re faced with the question Adam first asked Eve, What do I wear and where do I go to get it?

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