Fab And Fly Approved: The Many Ways That Music Benefits Your Mind

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I thought I’d do something a little different today since I’m receiving so many music requests. So, I thought I’d give you guys a few cute fun facts about music and the affects that music really does to your brain, to your feelings….and why.



Did you know that your brain reacts to the music you play in a very s manner? Musicians brains are actually more coordinated and have more dexterity than non Musicians. For those of us of that have indeed learned to play musical instruments when we were growing up….maybe we still have those demerits too!

It’s said that people that play instruments have lager brains. It can increase your memory and bran structure. It’s interesting to think that something we play for fun or to replay, could really be a great benefit to you.

I when I was younger I use to play the piano to lessen my migraines. It actually helped considerably, thank God. Although I played by ear, I still had learn how to play by reading sheet music. As annoying as that was, now understand why it was so important. It all has to do with cognitive skills.


With that said, for all of you artists, rappers, producers, etc., you may want to read on how your music is affecting your brain. It’s super interesting. To find out more check it out here

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Fashion With Purpose: Jay Faire Fashion

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Jay Faire Logo

Fashion with a purpose.


As a site dedicated to showcasing emerging brands and artists, our job is to scour the Internet for the latest fashion and the dopest people. It’s super cool for us to be able to give a little shine to people with artistic ability creating new trends and blazing the fashion trail. It makes us feel really good when there is a biggest purpose involved.

With that said, as I was looking though Twitter to find someone cool to write about, I spotted Jay Faire Fashion. He has created a line of cute trucker style hats color coded pink, purple and red. The cool thing is, these just aren’t random hats, each of which are dedicated to cancer (pink) , domestic violence (purple)  and our ability to love (love) in which a portion of the proceed are going directly to their respective associations

Check them out and support!

The Purple Heart

Jay Faire Purple Heart Hat

* Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, or other factors.

* Women and men can be victims of domestic violence

* 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime

* Men are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults in the USA

* More than 60% of domestic violence incidents happen at home

* This Hat THE PURPLE HEART is dedicated to those who have been affected by Domestic Violence Directly or indirectly

* Those who have suffered endured the harsh treatment of Domestic Violence and were able to break free.. And those that tried and didn’t make it..

* Those that support and have supported victims of Domestic Violence and all of us humans that agree this world has No place for Domestic Violence this Hat is for you!

* Portion of proceeds going directly to National Coalition against Domestic Violence


The Pink Life

Jay Faire Fashiona-Pink Life

Cancer touches everyone in one way or another, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age.

* 1 in 2 Men and 1 in 3 Women will contract some form of Cancer in their lives

* There are No approved scientific cures for cancer only successful treatments.

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Chisom Delivers the Self-Produced “Africa Get Money”

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From time to time when a dope new artist reaches out to me or someone messages me to let me know I need to check this new artist, I’m always eager to post about them to see what you guys think. Please feel free to comment and let the artist know what you think! This will be beneficial to the artist and help them see where their fan base is.  I try to post a cool variety of music and hopefully these artists will obtain some new fans and followers throughout the process! Here is a little information on the artist I’ve selected, Chisom.
About Chisom:
Chisom (Chisom Uzosike) is a 23-year old producer, rapper and creative director, born in Detroit and raised in Maryland. He’s the eldest son of Nigerian immigrants, and the first in his family born in America. While his father exposed him to music from all corners of Africa in the house, young Chisom discovered Hip Hop in elementary school, where his classmates introduced him to Baltimore’s local Hip Hop/R&B station.
Chisom began producing Hip Hop music at 17, inspired by stars  like Continue Reading »

Artist Spotlight- Meet Hip Hop Storyteller, Vé

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Rodvé, or Vé as he is known, is homegrown in South Central Los Angeles and schooled at San Jose State University where he performed to help raise $13,000 for breast cancer. is a published author of the book, Dreams or Degrees: How to Graduate from College in Four Years. His book is a blueprint and map that guides and teaches students how to navigate the college system and to graduate in four years.

Being an author sets Vé aside from the rest because he is able to vibrantly showcase his street smarts, book smarts and lyricism with a methodical flow

There are few proven college graduates in Hip Hop that he may remind you of, J. Cole on some tracks, Talib Kweli on others. Writing since he was 10 and recording since 14 has given him the comfort around the mic and he knows what it takes to move crowds nationwide. From opening for The Jacka in the Bay to selling out a show with local artists in Kansas. Vé was influenced early on by Biggie’s storytelling, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s quirky videos and more recently by Kanye’s unconventional content.

Vé’s unique skillset is truly a force to be reckoned with. Storytelling is his passion. An undeniable voice needed in hip hop.

Check out his new video from his super dope album. Clair (kills)

Food Art: Rainbow Bagels

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Rainbow Bagels
Two words: Rainbow Bagels!

Something pretty, something sweet, and something tasty is making the New York streets, and many other streets, thanks to shipping, hum at the wonderful taste of Rainbow  bagels.

Scot Rossillo “The Bagel Store” owner has been making this fascinating treat for twenty years.

“I have always craved for unique ways to appeal to the demanding bagel palate and my desire to re energize a subdued industry. I left my partners in other bagel ventures so that i can bless bagel lovers from around the globe with my personal creations. ” – S. Rossillo

Scot Rossillo strives to continue to make all his creations better than the last. Rossillo says he always feels like he can do something better.
The art of making food not only taste good but look even better that a piece of actual art itself is a talent that not many posses.

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